Lunchtime Studio Tours

This summer SAUG is going on tour… lots of tours!

We have some amazing lunchtime studio tours lined up for July and August. Come meet some of the hottest creative teams in Sacramento, see their groovy digs and pick their brains on tech and process. These events are free- so bring your friends, students and mentors. RSVP via email to 

Uptown Studios – July 11

Uptown Studios tourDate: 12:00-12:30pm, Tuesday, July 11
Location: 2415 23rd Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

This is the home stomping grounds of Cris Weber, our Human-Oriented Design presenter from February. It’s a fun studio to visit- with an open floorplan and a human hamster wheel for employees to use on breaks. Their 15+ member staff focus on print, web and video marketing services for non-profit, public and private industry clients, taking special joy in making the world a better place with their marketing magic. Short list of clients include CalVet, American Red Cross and Chalk It Up To Sacramento. Come learn how their creative team works together, what keeps them so inspired and what they’ve been up to lately. RSVP via email to 

Kennedy Gallery – July 28

Kennedy Gallery TourDate: 12:00-12:30pm, Friday, July 28
Location: 1931 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

The “Jewel of Midtown” Kennedy Gallery features over 19 resident artists and monthly juried exhibits including the famous annual 20/20 show. Meet proprietor Michael Misha Kennedy and learn how the Kennedy Gallery chooses the artists, the pieces and how this community of gallery artists successfully support each other and make the Kennedy Gallery an enjoyable gallery to participate in (Just ask SAUG member, Kevin Trivedi). RSVP via email to 

EMRL – August 4

EMRL Studio TourDate: 12:00-12:30pm, August 4
Location: 1020 Tenth Street, Sacramento, California 95814

I first heard about Floyd Diebel from co-workers who had just listened to EMRL propose for a web design contract. He’s the closest embodiment of “intimidatingly talented, quirky creative” I’ve probably ever met, but don’t be intimidated- he’s a super nice guy, too. Meet Floyd and hear about his and Stephen Chuchel’s philosophy, what keeps their design team inspired and what beautiful things they’ve been up to lately. Their client list includes Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, Temple Coffee and M Corp. RSVP via email to 

Runyon Saltzman, Inc. – August 15

Runyon Saltzman, Inc. Halloween PartyDate: 12:00-12:30pm, August 15
Location: 2020 L Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, California 95816

RSE is a large-ish full-service agency with a long, established history in Sacramento, plus an office in L.A. Still, the agency has been able to keep its work environment lively and fresh- with vibrant art and uniquely passionate people. I hear they also throw a killer Halloween party.

Meet Associate Creative Director, Darcey B. Self and hear about RSE’s history, office culture and hot projects as you tour their creative space. Notable recent campaigns include I Can Afford College, Champions for Change and CityLinkLA. RSVP via email to 

Page Design – August 25

Page Design Studio TourDate: 12:00-12:30pm, August 25
Location: 1900 29th Street, Sacramento, California 95816

Paul Page and Page Design are icons in the Sacramento industry of marketing and graphic design. The place has a reputation for hiring the best and making them better, with an emphasis on teamwork (not burnout). Come listen to Partner/Creative Director Eric Grotenhuis give us a tour of the team, this establishment, its 35+ years of history and their plans for what’s next. RSVP via email to 

In the future…

Regular scheduled Sacramento Adobe User Group meetings are free for first-timers and members. Membership is $15 annually, and gets you chances to win brag-worthy door prizes at each meeting as well!

Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the

Art Institute of Sacramento
2850 Gateway Oaks, Room 241
Sacramento, CA

Here’s a taste of one of our recent presentations

Web designer, director and writer Jerry Kennedy’s presentation on June 1, 2017 about “Plugging Into the Muse.”


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