Google phasing out Flash

Starting on Tuesday, September 1st, Google will start automatically pausing Adobe Flash in its Chrome browsers, reasoning that it will save users’ battery life and improve performance in their electronic devices. This will affect any Flash content that is not central to the webpage that you are viewing. You can view their statement here.

In its place they are urging designers and developers to use HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies to create replacements for the Flash functionality. Google has tools to help create AdWords advertising to compatible formats, or galleries and tools to help you create content in HTML5.

Premier Pro

This month’s meeting on Thursday, August 6th, will highlight Adobe’s Premier Pro and addresses both the professionals and amateurs. It has been more than five years since we’ve had a presentation on video production and editing with Premier, so the time is more than ripe.

We all shoot video. Some professionally — and the rest of us occasionally with our cameras or cell phones. If you’re like me, those videos see little life once they are shot. What I’d like to do is start editing my videos, make coherent presentations, and breathe life into them like I thought I would when I first took them. I’m looking forward to the “basics” part of this month’s presentation.

For the professionals, the meeting will also address your needs. Austin Page, our special guest presenter, is a director, editor and cinematographer. Austin recently completed his directorial debut film, Gun-Shy, which screened at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and is currently running through the film festival circuit. He’ll be offering tips and tricks about Premier Pro that should make all of our videos worth bragging about.

Austin earned his Bachelors degree in video at the California Art Institute and has plans to continue his work in the Portland area.