Dreamweaver Preview a Huge Success

Dw 3D logoWe finished 3 days of presentations to various groups in the Sacramento area of the upcoming major revision of Dreamweaver CC, which the Sacramento Adobe Users Group sponsored.

Sacramento was the first stop in North America, following presentations in Europe and Japan. It was also the largest turnout of any city in the world! We had nearly 30 people come to preview and give Adobe Product Managers Rajnish Bharti and Arun Kaza feedback on what was important to us as users of Dreamweaver and what we would like to see included in the new version.

The new Dreamweaver will drop its C++ base in favor of JavaScript, which will allow for easier programming changes and less overhead. It will also have a Brackets-based user interface with special emphasis on web coders. It is cutting the number of default panels in the Developer view in order to create faster response time. Developers will get a larger work space to view more code and the toolbar will be contextual.

The Mac and Windows experience will become more uniform so that users can easily transition from one operating system to the other. The UI will have options for light or dark themes similar to the other Adobe apps in recent years.

If you use a touchscreen computer for your work, it is offering more features for you as well. Adobe sees touchscreens as a developing trend in the future.

The future also will bring a pre-processor for CSS that will allow users to select multiple elements with a single sweep and change them all with one entry; like changing a whole color theme from red to blue or green. Additionally, there will be more support for outside plug-ins next year to extend functionality.

For projects that involve multiple team members, there will be additional support for GIT Hub.

If you’ve been using other web development interfaces before, you will definitely want to check out the new Dreamweaver. The pre-release is in June and the rollout will be in October. I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised — maybe even ecstatic!