O’Reilly Fluent Conference | June 19 – 22, 2017 | San Jose, CA

One of our sponsors, O’Reilly, is hosting a conference for Web developers near us in June. The details are:
Fluent spotlights the crucial technologies and frameworks of the web stack: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React, Angular, containers, Docker, and other emerging tools that are transforming the way web developers work. Join hundreds of leading experts, innovators, and web professionals for top-notch training, advanced development and engineering content, and career-building networking opportunities at Fluent. Save 20% with discount code USRG on most passes.

O’Reilly Design Conference is Coming in March!

The O’Reilly Design Conference, happening March 19-22, arms designers with the skills, connections, and inspiration to create the products and services of today and tomorrow. It’s a deep-immersion experience where UX designers, product designers, web designers, information architects and many others will dissect case studies, develop new skills, share emerging best practices, and build the future of design.

Save 20% with discount code USRG.

Check out the impressive speaker lineup:


O’Reilly Presents Design Workshops in SF

We just received word that our sponsor, O’Reilly, will be presenting a 3 track, 2 day workshop in San Francisco on October 21 – 22. The details and link are below:oreilly_logo_90x25

O’Reilly is excited to announce they’re holding three two-day workshops for designers in San Francisco this fall. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office and into the classroom, where you’ll learn essential skills that can take your design practice to the next level.

Choose from among these three deep-immersion workshops on October 20 – 21:

BENJAMIN YOSKOVITZ Product Strategy for Designers: Learn to bridge business strategy and design to create products people love. Ben Yoskovitz, coauthor of Lean Analytics, leads this in-depth exploration of tools, techniques, and processes for understanding and mapping business strategies, measuring what matters, and building quality products for the right markets.
—Our most popular online design training yet. Now you can participate in person.

KRISTIAN SIMSARIAN & HAAKON FASTE Design Thinking: Work on what matters. Learn how to implement this proven process that fosters creativity and harnesses teamwork. Led by pioneering design and innovation consultants Haakon Faste and Kristian Simsarian, you’ll gain a tacit understanding of how to identify opportunities for new user experiences and prototype solutions that address underlying human needs.
—This technique builds collaboration and gets teams working together on the right stuff.

C. TODD LOMBARDO Design Sprints: Learn to streamline the new-product cycle. C Todd Lombardo, designer, scientist, and coauthor of Design Sprints, will give you hands-on experience in this process for rapidly answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Participants will break into small groups to work through each phase of a Design Sprint.
—One of the most highly rated workshops at the O’Reilly Design Conference 2016.

These workshops will sharpen your business and design acumen. They take place concurrently, so choose the one that’s right for you. But don’t wait too long; registration is limited to ensure the highest-quality hands-on learning experience.

Find out more about O’Reilly’s Design Training Days.

Dreamweaver Preview a Huge Success

Dw 3D logoWe finished 3 days of presentations to various groups in the Sacramento area of the upcoming major revision of Dreamweaver CC, which the Sacramento Adobe Users Group sponsored.

Sacramento was the first stop in North America, following presentations in Europe and Japan. It was also the largest turnout of any city in the world! We had nearly 30 people come to preview and give Adobe Product Managers Rajnish Bharti and Arun Kaza feedback on what was important to us as users of Dreamweaver and what we would like to see included in the new version.

The new Dreamweaver will drop its C++ base in favor of JavaScript, which will allow for easier programming changes and less overhead. It will also have a Brackets-based user interface with special emphasis on web coders. It is cutting the number of default panels in the Developer view in order to create faster response time. Developers will get a larger work space to view more code and the toolbar will be contextual.

The Mac and Windows experience will become more uniform so that users can easily transition from one operating system to the other. The UI will have options for light or dark themes similar to the other Adobe apps in recent years.

If you use a touchscreen computer for your work, it is offering more features for you as well. Adobe sees touchscreens as a developing trend in the future.

The future also will bring a pre-processor for CSS that will allow users to select multiple elements with a single sweep and change them all with one entry; like changing a whole color theme from red to blue or green. Additionally, there will be more support for outside plug-ins next year to extend functionality.

For projects that involve multiple team members, there will be additional support for GIT Hub.

If you’ve been using other web development interfaces before, you will definitely want to check out the new Dreamweaver. The pre-release is in June and the rollout will be in October. I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised — maybe even ecstatic!

SAUG is Focal Press’ User Group of the Month

Focal Press, one of our primary sponsors, chose the Sacramento Adobe Users Group as it’s User Group of the Month for December.

The Focal Press monthly newsletter is emailed to the managers of all the sponsored groups around the world. It is one of the main lines of communication between the publishing house and its members. It also lists recently published and upcoming publications that Focal Press offers as promotional copies to the groups.

As the featured user group, SAUG will be able to order a number of extra books for giveaway to its members. We thank you, Focal Press, and appreciate the honor.

Google phasing out Flash

Starting on Tuesday, September 1st, Google will start automatically pausing Adobe Flash in its Chrome browsers, reasoning that it will save users’ battery life and improve performance in their electronic devices. This will affect any Flash content that is not central to the webpage that you are viewing. You can view their statement here.

In its place they are urging designers and developers to use HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies to create replacements for the Flash functionality. Google has tools to help create AdWords advertising to compatible formats, or galleries and tools to help you create content in HTML5.

Premier Pro

This month’s meeting on Thursday, August 6th, will highlight Adobe’s Premier Pro and addresses both the professionals and amateurs. It has been more than five years since we’ve had a presentation on video production and editing with Premier, so the time is more than ripe.

We all shoot video. Some professionally — and the rest of us occasionally with our cameras or cell phones. If you’re like me, those videos see little life once they are shot. What I’d like to do is start editing my videos, make coherent presentations, and breathe life into them like I thought I would when I first took them. I’m looking forward to the “basics” part of this month’s presentation.

For the professionals, the meeting will also address your needs. Austin Page, our special guest presenter, is a director, editor and cinematographer. Austin recently completed his directorial debut film, Gun-Shy, which screened at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and is currently running through the film festival circuit. He’ll be offering tips and tricks about Premier Pro that should make all of our videos worth bragging about.

Austin earned his Bachelors degree in video at the California Art Institute and has plans to continue his work in the Portland area.

Adobe MAX Discount Code

Adobe MAX 2015 will be held in Los Angeles on October 3 – 7, 2015. This is Adobe’s premier conference. You can get information at http://max.adobe.com/.

Registration is open now. Full MAX pass is $1595 but:

Early Bird price (through July 31):    $1295
Special Promo Code ENT15:                $400 discount
Student Price:                                         $299
More discounts are available. See the MAX site for details.

Welcome to the new SAUG Website

The Sacramento Adobe Users Group is proud to present its new, official Website. It is designed to be informative, offering SAUG members and others a greater breadth of resources, and an ability to communicate with one another.

You will now be able to see upcoming meeting topics anytime you visit. If there are notes, instructions, artwork or other assets for an upcoming meeting, you can access those from the Resources section. Additionally, there are links to Adobe program tutorials and Twitter feeds from the various Adobe program managers with the latest release information and tips & tricks. We also follow a number of innovative designers and developers for fresh ideas.

Our Blogs section will keep you up to date on the latest happenings for the group and recaps of our monthly meetings. It allows for comments and discussions on the various topics from SAUG members as well.

SAUG members are also entitled to discounts and eligible for prizes from our sponsoring partners. Our Sponsors section provides information on these offers.

The About section answers most of the questions you might have about the group, including a brief history and the journey to where we are now and where we will be headed in the future.

There will be more pages added as we gather more information and benefits for the group. Come back often to see what’s new, use our resources, check the next meeting’s topic and just enjoy what SAUG has to offer.

This new site was the result of much hard work and selfless dedication by a number of our members who comprised the Website Committee. Sincere thanks go to Mario Cano, Ted Fitzpatrick, Liz Harrison, Heather Kirkpatrick, Rob Huddleston and Renee Thompson for all their work. The Committee was chaired by Michael McDonald.