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3 thoughts on “SAUG MEETING REVIEWS”

  1. We had a really great presentation on Premier Pro for our August meeting. Special thanks to Austin Page for coming to Sacramento to give his talk. Austin is a film director, editor, and cinematographer who recently obtained his Bachelors Degree at The Art Institute – Sacramento.

    Austin started the presentation by bringing the beginners (like me) up to speed with some basics on how to get started using Premier Pro. From there he started covering some of the more advanced features of the program, then shared some of the theories of film and editing with the group. It was very helpful to get this broad view of video production and editing.

    It has been years since SAUG had a video presentation. Now that Adobe CC subscriptions include the video apps, our graphics and Web members can learn and use these programs to expand their presentation skills. Make sure that you also come to our October meeting as we continue our video series with an After Effects presentation.

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